Zenetzis Vassilis

Zenetzis Vassilis Zenetzis Vassilis Zenetzis Vassilis

Zenetzis Vassilis

He is one of the most popular Greek painters, with lots of artworks and oil paintings on canvas.

Vassilis Zenetzi born in Halicarnassus Heraklion Crete in 1935. The painting entered his life very early, since at the age of 10 years made almost all the paintings in the churches of his homeland. When he was a soldier already stood out for the innate talent and began to become known as Vangonk of Greece because of the vivid colors that distinguished his paintings. Initially started to paint oil paintings with a brush, but over the years, wanting to do something different, something of his own, he began to paint with spatula, which is then cut square in different sizes and this led him to invent a pioneering style, a specialty of detail multiperspectival genre / style, which he called "squaring". The '' squaring '' was born around 1976 and made him stand out in Greece and abroad. Presented it a year later, in 1977, in his report on "Parnassus" in Athens. Squaring has pattendet as style painting and registered in encyclopedia "Famous People in painters". In 1967 he married and created a nice family with four children. Although never followed studies, life and talent led him to stand out without the need, since he was self-taught. He was invited to become a professor at the university of "Fine arts" which eventually did not take place.

Nevertheless became apprentice to his side, in his personal gallery in Patission 41 str in Athens maintained for 40 years, many young painters who in the process became famous. The first great personal report made in 1977 in "Parnassus" in Athens and since then almost every year made personal major exhibitions throughout Greece and later abroad. He has presented his work in solo exhibitions: "Parnassus" 1977, Heraklion 1980 "Caravel" 1980 etc. Of course he has taken part in dozens of group exhibitions nationwide as the Panhellenic 1973.

The most creative period was from 1984 to 2012 after having painted more than 5000 projects have reached every corner of the earth. He has participated in exhibitions in Cyprus, B. And N. America, France until 2010. In the course of his artistic career, he illustrated books of poetry and dressed with pieces of music album covers. Even postcards were issued works to highlight the history of Greece and circulated to all islands and every tourist corner. Around 2000 he signed some works under the name "Zen" exposed mainly in Cyprus and England issues were mainly on the Acropolis.

In recent years there are works in galleries throughout Greece and mostly, Rhodes, Mykonos and Athens where he has a permanent exhibition of dozens of works.

Some of his artworks and oil paintings on canvas can be found at Gallery Diamanti at very affordable prices.

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