Zimatikas Andreas

Zimatikas Andreas Zimatikas Andreas Zimatikas Andreas

Zimatikas Andreas

He is one of the most popular Greek painters, with lots of artworks and oil paintings on canvas.

Zimatikas Andreas was born in 1949 in Nigrita Serres. He began to paint having as teachers, Manolis Dragogia and Kostas Lusita. In his works accepted and influences from the old architecture of Macedonia Greece having as main themes traditional houses. Renowned for its preference in physical space issues.

The series of works are characterized by the following titles:

  • SERIES A: Traditional houses and landscapes in Pelion.
  • SERIES B: Landscapes of Thassos.
  • SERIES C: Traditional houses of Macedonia.
  • SERIES D: Greek beaches.
  • The technical process and the materials used are plaster, slate, sand, lime, watercolor and pen enamels, which helped to form his personal style.


  • 1969 Anatolia College in Panorama Thessaloniki
  • 1972 X. A. Pref. 1980 International Exhibition Germany Frankfurt
  • 1982 Larisa 1982 Macedonia Palace Hotel Thessaloniki
  • 1982 Berlin International Exhibition
  • 1991 Hilton Cyprus Nicosia
  • 1992 Hotel Lidra MARRIOTT Athens
  • 1994 Art Gallery National Defence Municipality of Thessaloniki.


  1. 04/05/1988 was awarded the First Prize of the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs Athens.
  2. 05.16.1988 was awarded a diploma of the Municipality of Athens.

His works are in Embassies, Banks, Public Institutions and private collections in galleries in Greece and abroad. Some of his artworks and oil paintings on canvas can be found at Gallery Diamanti at very affordable prices.

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