Siozos George

Siozos George Siozos George Siozos George

Siozos George

He is one of the most popular Greek painters, with lots of artworks and oil paintings on canvas.

The painter George Siozos was born in temples of Ioannina in 1949. He studied at the Academy of Pedagogical Faculty of Vella of Ioannina. From very early on turned to art. Taught perspective drawing by the famous sculptor Vrellis Paul and held his first solo exhibition in 1975 in Larissa.

Since then made another 55 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in major cities of Greece and abroad (Bulgaria, Germany, Luxembourg, Australia). The vibrant colors of his works, using mainly primary colors, compositions outdoors and an emphasis on the representation of light, mentioning impressionist trends, causing an immediate impression on the viewer.

George Siozos lives and works in Thessaloniki. Member of the Fine Arts Chamber of Greece from the beginning already in his career, and became a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Northern Greece in 1991. His works are in the Municipal Gallery of Greece, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Art Gallery of Macedonian Studies Thessaloniki, the Greek Agricultural Organization Insurance (El. GA) in Associations, Chambers and in many private collections in Greece and abroad.

Some of his artworks and oil paintings on canvas can be found at Gallery Diamanti at very affordable prices.

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