Tsekoura Charis

Tsekoura Charis Tsekoura Charis Tsekoura Charis

Tsekoura Charis

He is one of the most popular Greek painters, with lots of artworks and oil paintings on canvas.

Charis Tsekoura was born in Larissa Elassona. Lives and works in Nafplio. She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts. She studied architectural drawing in Model School of Athens. Exposes since 1980 in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Collaborates with the local press and magazines.

In 1995 drawed the Sunday "Daily". Partner Mariza Koch theater, built the sets and costumes for the performances for children "Argonauts" and "the Little Mermaid travels Alexander", and illustrated the homonymous book published by CEDAR. Also sets and costumes for the theater in Ionic show "Like inside a window" under the auspices of UNESCO. Costume design for the play The Day Dies Night "theater" Raft ".

In 1998 she created the logo of the first report" sea "at the Peace and Friendship. Project used as a poster for volunteering from the Ministry of Defense for Olympics Athens in 2004. She creates music CD. Illustrates books like "Sappho" and "Hypatia" published by Universal Studio Press, «With Elytis in Greece ', the poetry collection' Urban pigeons' Panos Tsekoura editions ATRAPOS, and others.

In 1999 the same publishing house released his first book "The Call of Spring." In 2006, to book "The Song of the Trees". The same year he created the collectible IOLI water bottle for the Greek Brewery, cooperation resumed in 2010 with three other works. In 2008 he worked with versions ANKARA on the book "The Power of Love", the namesake of the musical performance based. Her work has been broadcast on state television. At the same time he writes lyrics and music and is a member of the Union composers and lyricists Greece.

In 2000 interpreted the songs on the first solo CD «holy bread", which was issued by the MBI. In 2006, the NETWORK - UNIVERSAL the cd of "Aristotle & Ithaca." In 2009 he participated in the album "Women Myths" of Maria Farantouri and Lydia Koniordou with the song "was worth." That same year Manolis Mitsias included two songs in the solo album "A cigarette and a liar." In 2010 followed the staff CD «Violations" from the ENA. Songs have interpreted Maria Farantouri, Manolis Mitsias, Pitsa Papadopoulou, Kalliopi Vetta, Dimitra Papiou, Anastasia Moutsatsou Vassilis Lekkas and others.

Some of his artworks and oil paintings on canvas can be found at Gallery Diamanti at very affordable prices.


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