Pilitsidis Telemachus

Pilitsidis Telemachus Pilitsidis Telemachus Pilitsidis Telemachus

Pilitsidis Telemachus

He is one of the most popular Greek painters, with lots of artworks and oil paintings on canvas.

Telemachus Pilitsidis born in the Ark of Grevena in January 1941. He studied and got his degree in Fine Arts Academy of Krakow. He studied for six years by the Polish painter Walk Novoselski. The first report (Ntempiout) was made in 1967 in Krakow College in May. He took part in over 300 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, such as Germany, France - England - Belgium - America - Cuba - Sri Lanka and 54 solo exhibitions in Poland.

He was awarded many prizes and medals. Written many favorable reviews of the artist's work from the known critics of art as Eva Han - Jaroslav Chaak, magazine Stukas Polsky. In Stanislaw Srokovski - SEE. CHODIS - Maria Srotsinska - the occasional - Roger PASKOVSKI and many others. Projects Telemachus PILITSIDI found in museums and private collections in Poland - M. Britain - USA - Germany - France - Japan - Greece - Sweden -Afstralia - Sri Lanka - Russia - Belgium - Netherlands and other countries.

Some of his artworks and oil paintings on canvas can be found at Gallery Diamanti at very affordable prices.

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